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Imperial, Metric, International

Foot vs meter, pound vs kilogram

It may seem illogical but Units systems are of political extraction. Remnants of British empire, born during the Enlightenment and the 17th century revolutions to break from the past, promoted to simplify trade and calculations : how to make people change once habits are deeply rooted? Once huge quantity of equipment has been produced according to traditional standards? We have to live with different unit systems.

Torque / Moment Units

The torque, or moment of force is the product of the force with the distance to axis. In the metric system, 1 kgf.m, or 1 kilogram force meter, is the torque resulting from 1kg at 1m distance or 10kg at 10cm...

torque illustrated
m.kgf____Mètre Kilogramme-force
cm.kgf___Centimetre Kilogramme-force
ft.lbf___Foot Pound-force
in.lbf___Inch Pound-force
ft.ozf___Foot Once-force
in.ozf___Inch Once-force

Load / Force Units

kgf______Kilogramme force
kipf_____1000 lbf

Pressure / Stress Units

psi______Pound per square inch
ksi______1000 psi